How to install WordPress in Digitalocean? Digitalocean Promo Code

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6 min readJan 3, 2020

As we know that people are going toward cloud hosting. why? because its speed & features are tremendous and easily scalable.

You do not have to worry about transferring your website from one hosting to another, you could easily increase your server configuration, which you don’t get in shared hosting. Today we’ll cover the best web hosting called digitalocean, how to setup WordPress in digtialocean in single click application. if you’re looking digitalocean alternatives which you can easily handle, than siteground cloud hosting could be a good choice. why? because siteground speed & uptime are fabulous. consider, if you can’t manage this complex server.

let’s begin today’s tutorial

Note: Single click feature work only in a single droplet, if you store multiple websites in a single droplet, you should know about Linux coding or you can find code on the internet.

If you want to avoid propagation time, it would be better to
Replace your domain name server with digitalocean’s name servers.

Here are the digitalocean name servers.

So, let’s begin,

How to install WordPress in digitalocean droplet?

Create a new account, If you’re new in digitalocean apply the coupon and get $50 to $100 credit free in your new account. apply now

When you finished all the setup you will enter your main dashboard. to start, click to create button, choose droplet.

click create button

To create a droplet, click the marketplace tab. as you can see in the below image, WordPress shows in top position. if you didn’t find WordPress, so click “see all marketplace apps”. you will see multiple WordPress apps, don’t get confused. We have to install “Ubuntu OS version WordPress”. in my case “Ubuntu 18.04”. simply click, now click create WordPress droplet.

Chose one-click application
see all marketplace apps
Create WordPress droplet button

Now choose a plan according to your budget, I choose $10 monthly plan. don’t worry you can apply the digitalocean promo code above and get 50 to $100 free credit discount.

Choose plan

Next part, Choose a datacenter region: choose wisely datacenter who is closest to your city. I will choose “San Francisco”, you can choose anyone which fits your business & where you serve your services.

Select Datacenter

Come to the next point. “select additional options” click IPV6 checkbox. Authentication I will leave “one-time password”, you can set SSH keys to secure your droplet later.

Choose IPv6

Choose a hostname. Now give the name of your droplet “You can write your website name also”. I always prefer to write my site name.

choose hostname

Backup option. it’s totally up to you whether you want to backup your website or not. this feature is not free you will have to pay additional money.

Now click create droplet button, that’s it. your droplet has been successfully created.

Here we go, Main part completed. you will get an email from digitalocean, where they provide you droplet name & Password.

Your Login details

Before starting the further process, I assume that your name servers have been updated. check your name server propagation status here. why I insist you to change your nameservers first? because you face problems to access your website until your nameservers not updated successfully.

Now, you have to change your default droplet password and install WordPress. Windows users you need putty software, download here or go to your droplet and click 3 dot icon, open access console.

access console directly in your droplet

How to change the password using putty software?

> Open putty software

> find the IP address in your droplet or in email. paste in (Hostname or Ip address) area

> Port will be 22

> Now click the open button, click yes, to the dialog box

Enter your Ip address

Enter your login details:
your username will be root, and go to your Gmail and copy the root password from there.

“Click the right mouse button to paste the password, don’t worry password will not visible, just right click and hit enter”

click the right button to paste password

username: root
(mouse right-click to paste the password, and hit enter)
current UNIX Password: (paste again, using right-click, hit enter)

Enter new UNIX password: (set your new master password, hit enter)
Retype new UNIX password: (type again your password, hit enter)

Hurray! Now WordPress has been enabled.

To check your WordPress is enabled or not. copy your IP address from your droplet. paste in a new tab & hit enter.

Setup Wordpress

The process is starting to set up WordPress on your server.
1. choose your language, continue
2. Write your Site Title
3. Your username (Where you can manage your website in the backend)
4. set a strong password
5. Put your email address
6. hit, install WordPress

you’re ready to use WordPress. now login to your WordPress. you might be wondering, why it showing IP address instead of website URL. because we didn’t add the domain in our droplet. so let’s configure.

How to add domain in your droplet?

Go to your digitalocean account open your project which you created recently.
Now click on the 3 dot icon in front of your droplets. and click “add a domain”.
Enter your domain name
I have put dummy domain name “”, you put your own domain name without using any HTTP or www. now click add a domain button. you will get the notification “ was added to your project”.

Now click to the “CNAME” tab. write “www” in “enter hostname”. enter your website name ( in “Enter @ Hostname”.

Now you’re able to access your website with your domain name. one last step remains. Go to your WordPress backend, you will see your website backend still open with your IP address. and you have to change this. log in to your Wordpress account.

Hover to the setting, open “General settings”.
WordPress Address (URL)
Site Address (URL)

remove your IP address and paste your website domain, like ( or (

Note: Use https only if your purchased SSL or you get free with your domain. otherwise, you can’t access your website easily. if you don’t know SSL is working or not. simply use “HTTP”. (, you can change it later.

I hope, you enjoy this tutorial on how you can install WordPress in digital ocean. don’t forget to apply digitalocean promo code.



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